Special Events

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Special Events is a branch of ACBU that brings many different events to Bradley.  Events in the past and that will continue this year include: Spring Fling, Quad Cinema, Bingo at Ribs for Cribs, and many more.  This committee in ACBU is not specific, so they can bring a variety of activities/presentations!  Events for this committee are spread all over campus. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please e-mail the coordinators Sojo White (shwhite@mail.bradley.edu) and Kelsey Simpson (kdsimpson@mail.bradley.edu).

Siblings Weekend

Siblings Weekend is a weekend held in the spring semester, generally in February, that is geared towards Bradley Students having an opportunity to safely bring their siblings to campus. ACBU hosts a wide variety of events over the weekend. It is always a ton of fun!

If you are interested in volunteering or helping with ideas please contact the coordinator, Sojo white (shwhite@mail.bradley.edu). 

Late Night BU

Late Night BU is held once a month at the Markin Center from 10pm-2am on a Friday or Saturday night. It is an alcohol free option for students on campus encouraging healthy life styles. It is always full of really crazy and fun events. If you have any interest in volunteering with this group please contact us via email! ACBU does not run LNBU. We are at the events taking pictures, but it is not our event.

Spring 2014 Schedule

Siblings Weekend is in February! Look for these posters around campus for more information.
Registration ends February 12, so get signed up quickly!

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RIvermen Hockey Game
Saturday, Fabruary 15 @ 7pm
Civic Center
Look around campus for these posters for more information!

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Mad Chad Taylor
Chainsaw Juggler
Saturday, February 22 @ 4pm
Student Center Ballroom

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Ye Olde Spring Fling
Wednesday, April 23 @ 11am
Olin Quad