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What’s in It For You?
Getting involved in ACBU offers many unique opportunities that will stand out in your college experience.  With this organization, you can...
  • Gain great experience booking, marketing, and managing events
  • Learn how to contact and interact with agents/artists “behind-the-scenes”
  • Create quality friendships with people who share your passion for music, events, and making an impact on campus!
  • Make a positive difference that affects student life on campus
  • Grow as a student leader and make connections with other organizations
  • See your creative ideas realized and enjoy working with a fun and dynamic team
  • Gain experiences that you can include on a resume and discuss in interview
  • Try something new!  Jump right in!  No experience necessary!

Event staff can join ANY time of the year.

Event staff act as support for the coordinators by helping with brainstorming ideas, marketing events, and assisting with day-of-event activities.  An event staff member can work with any committee he or she chooses and has the opportunity to explore the different areas and committees ACBU has to offer.  Event staff members are able to...
  • Participate in workshops on event planning
  • Shadow coordinators
  • Help “behind-the-scenes” at high profile events such as our major campus concerts
  • Earn prizes, t-shirts, and the ability to plan an event!

Join Event Staff! 

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